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House Rules
Submitted by sergelius litvin on Wed, 03/09/2011 - 21:21

We welcome you in Minsk. Please, pay your kind attention at the following rules and regulations adopted in the framework of our little enterprise. These rules will help you to make your stay in Minsk comfortable and we hope you will enjoy it and come again soon!
You may enter apatment at 01.00 pm and you have to leave it at 12.00 pm. We do our best to be as flexible as possible. Thus, in some special case we can shift the check-in and check-out time. Anyway you should coordinate it with the owner. The basic priciple is that it may be but it is not always possible and cannot be counted on as a general exeption.  
The owner supplies you with a key or a set of keys per each member to stay at the apartment. The number of keys given to you is reflected in the agreement that you have to sign. If you loose the key you should reimbourse the cost of 100000 BYR per a key or a set of keys.
Bed linen is changed every 5 days if you stay long term at the same apartment.
The apartment is washed and cleaned every 5 days if you stay long term at the same apartment.
You are responsible for the assets located at the apartment over the whole period of your stay. If any damage occurs you will be charged the cost of the damage.
You should use the apartment only according to its basic mean. Any other activity is not permitted. What do we mean? You cannot make a party, disco or other activity that might damage the apartment or cause buzz around.
Check-out time is 12.00 pm if nothing else is agreed with the owner.
You cannot rent the apartment to a third party.
Smoking is strictly forbidden in all our apartments. If you feel like smoking please, use the stairway (it is not welcome) or just go outdoors. Please, do not use your street shoes at the apartment.
If something goes wrong with any electrical appliances or any other devices you should inform the owner right away. The owner will try the best to solve the problem as soon as it is possible.
The owner reserves the right to visit the apartment to check it or to make regular cleaning. The time is usually coordinated with you one hour before the visit. Only in some special case (force majeur) the owner can visit the apartment without your previous approval.
Please, do not leave your worthy things at the apartment when you are out. We take no responsibility for them. If you have more questions concerning this point feel free to address the owner.
Please note! Any noisy activity is strictly forbidden from 09.00pm till 08.00am within dwelling sector all over the city. Should this prescription be violated police may be called at any time and without any notification.